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Middletown, DE


Precision Fit Services Available at Bike Line of Middletown

Want to feel and perform better on every ride? Visit our our shop for a professional bike fit and improve your cycling experience. A bike that fits is a bike that you'll want to ride more often!

Static Trainer Sizing - $75

Measure & Set

Saddle Position, Saddle Height, Saddle

Angle & Knee Over Pedal Position

Handlebar Angle, Height, & Lever Position

Measure & Recommend

Stem Length & Handlebar Width

Add Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis: $100

Triathlon Static Trainer Sizing - $100

Includes the Static Trainer Sizing PLUS:

Measure & Set

Aerobar Length & Width

Aerobar Pads

Add Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis: $100

Bike Line Precision Fit - $300

Includes the Static Trainer Sizing PLUS:

Rider Interviews & Physical Evaluation

In-depth Physical Evaluation

Dynamic Pedaling Analysis

Cleat Fitting

Cockpit Adjustments for Optimal Road, Triathlon or Flat Bar Position

Also Includes: a Free 30 Day Follow Up Appointment and Minor Adjustments