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Which helmets are best?

All the helmets we carry, from the most affordable, to models with all the latest features, meet or exceed the highest and most-current safety standards as required by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Each helmet is tested by the manufacturer and CPSC to meet stringent specifications so that it'll provide optimum protection in an accident.

An important part of the safety equation is getting a helmet that fits perfectly. We're experts in this and we can help with selecting the correct size, model and also with adjusting the straps so the helmet sits on your head right when you're riding.

It helps in selecting a helmet to consider how you'll use it. For example, if you ride a bike with flat handlebars, you'll probably appreciate a helmet that includes a visor, which is a nice thing to have come sundown when old Sol can be in just the right place to blind you with glare. You'll find the visor is a perfect shield. Contrarily, if you're a roadie who has the lightest bike and likes to ride fast, you'll probably prefer the most aero, ventilated and sleek lid you can find... and a visor may not interest you (visors offer sun protection for your nose and face, on and off the road).

One fact many people don't realize about helmets is that while they seemingly last forever, they won't provide proper protection forever. Manufacturers who study these things, recommend replacing helmets at least every five years to ensure safety when you need it. This is because over time, the materials inside the helmet that absorb shock in a crash, break down slightly and stop doing their job as well. Also, consider that a helmet takes a beating in its life. Things such as leaving it in a warm car, accidentally dropping it and traveling with it, gradually wear out a helmet's ability to protect.

If you haven't checked out bicycle helmets in a while, we think you'll be amazed at how light, adjustable, good-looking, affordable and comfortable our new models are.


(FAQ 1 of 8)>>>
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